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Hello! My name is Paula and I love to write. I have an affinity for words and I want to tell tales about life and share experiences. I now have my very own canvas. I’m so excited! I have wanted to be an author since I was a child. I graduated from the Morris Journalism Academy in 2007. It’s funny how sometimes your passions are put on the back burner, while life goes on. You have probably heard the line “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”, (is it from a song? Not sure). I am blessed with the gifts of time and space now, and here I am doing what I love.Check out some of my articles.. Happy reading!


Woman's And Man's Diary

Another funny has come to me via email. No idea who wrote it, but it is quite accurate I think…



Saw him in the evening and he was acting really strangely. I'd been
shopping in the afternoon with the girls and was a bit late meeting him -
thought it might be that.

The bar was really crowded and loud, so I suggested we go somewhere
quieter to talk.

He was still very subdued and distracted so I suggested we went somewhere nice to eat.

All through dinner he just didn't seem himself - he hardly laughed and
didn't seem to be paying any attention to me or to what I was saying.

I just knew that something was wrong. He dropped me back home and I
wondered if he was going to come in.

He hesitated but followed. I asked him what was wrong, but he just half
shook his head and turned the television on.

After about ten minutes of silence I said that I was going upstairs to
bed. I put my arms around him and told him that I loved him deeply.

He just gave a sigh and a sad sort of smile.

He didn't follow me up immediately but came up later and, to my surprise,
we made love - but he still seemed distant and a bit cold.

Cried myself to sleep -I think he's planning to leave me - maybe he's
found someone else.



Newcastle lost. Gutted. Got shag though.

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JedMeister said...

nice blog u got there! wanna xlinks? :)

The Savvy Savage said...

Hahahahaha! Love it. Why do we women always "overthink" when it comes to men. They are simple creatures.

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