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A Consequence Of Drink Driving

Little Grace Moorby was cremated on May 1st 2008.She died on April 18 2008, just two weeks short of her first birthday.

Grace was in her stroller returning home after a shopping trip with her mother Tania who decided to check the letter box before entering the house. It was an innocent decision Mrs. Moorby will regret forever.

A V8 Monaro flew through the air after hitting another vehicle and crashed into the Moorby's driveway. Grace was ejected from her pram and thrown against the front door of the house. A brick wall collapsed on top of her killing her at the scene shortly after the accident.

Benjamin Alan Butler, 24 was the driver of the speeding car. It was 1.00 p.m. and his alcohol level was more than three times over the 0.05 limit in Australia.

Tania was seriously injured and is recovering. Physically she is making progress, but the devastation of her loss is too much for her to bear.

Jamie Moorby, (Grace's father) said, "It's a very difficult time for us at the moment and we really want to get through next Thursday (the funeral) because we know that's going to be the hardest part of the journey."

Mr. Butler has been charged with dangerous driving causing death, and driving under the influence of alcohol. If convicted he faces up to four years in jail. It is almost certain that under current Australian law he would be eligible for parole after just 14 months.
There are of course the demons he will live with forever; causing the loss of an innocent life due to a stupid choice.

People's hearts have gone out to Grace and her family. Teddy bears, flowers and supportive messages have been placed outside the home south of Perth, Western Australia.

Tania has had to return from hospital and face her home without Grace. Her child's belongings are bitter sweet reminders of what she and Jamie once had. Her husband is supporting her while coping with his own pain. They will both wake up each day with the knowledge that they will not be experiencing the day with their child. It will be a struggle just to move on with things while dealing with the probable sense of parental guilt even though this nightmare was not in any way of their making.

Little Grace's organs have been donated in the hope of saving another.

This should never, ever happen again. Let us pray for the Moorby family and hope this message will get through:


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words.........

Tania and Jamie Moorby

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

How awful! This type of thing happens way too often, but even once is too often. I wish people just wouldn't get drunk at all, but that would only be in a perfect world I guess. This is just so sad for this family. My heart breaks for them. There's NO EXCUSE for drinking and driving.

Viral Savla said...

i truly agree with u,

Alchohol has never resulted into an act which can ever be worth of some appreciation...

what it can only do is gift persons with some damages which are beyond repairs...

gabs8513 said...

This is terrible really terrible and I know it was 2 years ago but Tania and Jamie will have to live with the horror of loosing their Child for the rest of their Lives

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