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If you could have a one-hour interview with any human being past or present, who would it be?

Somebody famous perhaps…

Famous people tantalize our curiosity. We think we know a great deal about them, after all we read the tabloids right? Although we all know that it is not wise to believe everything we see on TV or read in gossip magazines we admire the rich and famous and wonder what is behind the perfect exterior. I have read lately about a few celebrities who have exposed their not-so-perfect selves to the fore.

We have reports that Matthew Broderick is cheating on Sarah Jessica Parker with a much younger woman; the latest gossip has rumored of a Madonna and Alex Rodriguez sex tape and Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole a fur coat from a party in January and wore it all month. Is David Hasseloff in detox for alcohol abuse? Was Paula Abdul drunk or just confused on American Idol?

Who really knows what is true and what is just about publicity. Playwright Brendan Behan once said, “There's no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.” Would you like to meet the stars? To ask them is what is true and why on earth they do what they do?

I have been granted an interview with any one in the world alive or dead. Who will I choose? Just one hour, one precious hour. You know what? David Hasselhoff’s over indulgences and Lindsay Lohan’s kleptomaniac tendencies are really not that interesting. Perhaps that is because I don’t see the “real” side of these stars just from the headlines and if I was granted 60 minutes in their company it probably wouldn’t be long enough to get past all the ‘BS’ anyway.

So who will I cross-examine? Princess Diana is the first one that comes to mind, because like a lot of people in the world I loved her, I don’t know why, but I did and of course it took her demise for me to realize how much. I felt quite depressed for about 2 weeks after I heard of her death and surprised myself as I have never been a real devotee of the Royal family; I’ve never had an aversion to them, I’ve just never really cared about them. I could relate to Diana just by looking at her sad eyes and the details that have emerged about her life have moved me enough to presume that the most famous and photographed woman in the world was more than likely quite insecure and lonely. I relate to her and I would relish meeting and talking to her even if it is just to tell her to disregard “The Establishment” and that she really is beautiful and special and so on...but in the end I probably wouldn’t learn anything that I hadn’t already read or heard about her.

So my pondering continues. I have this fantastic opportunity to interview this one distinctive person. I consider Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. These are people that are up there in the spiritual and thinking sphere, surely an interview with any one of them would teach me a great deal, but then again I can read their quotes and their books. This is a once only opportunity and I don’t want to waste it obtaining information I can gain elsewhere and one hour would not be long enough to really get to know them on a deeper level.

The question remains and my thoughts drift to myself and my life, how far I have come since childhood and now it dawns on me, there is one special person I spent cherished time with during the first five years of my life until she died of cancer while I was still in kindergarten. It was a long time ago but I do recall her gentle, kind ways.

Nonna Maria also known as Roy’s Nonna was my paternal grandmother. My maternal grandma was also named Maria so we called Dad’s mum Roy’s Nonna because she owned a big beautiful friendly dog called Roy.

She has been dead many years now but my memory of her has not faded. I remember her affectionate ways, which I was unaccustomed to while growing up. I was not a child who felt comfortable displaying affection because of my fear of rejection due to a dysfunctional and emotionally crippled upbringing, but with Roy’s Nonna it was different, she was kind and cuddly and I loved her. I still feel that her influence, although short lived, was very powerful and it has aided me in becoming who I am today which is a far reach from the cold emotionally unavailable rearing I received.

I know that, like everyone else in this world she was not perfect but her loving ways made her so in my eyes, I would be so grateful to have one hour with this woman, just to feel her love and to hear her say, “I’m proud of you” which is something I have never heard from any one else during my childhood. So yes, Roy’s Nonna it is. She is the one person I would like to converse with for one very special meeting.

Who would you like to interview for one hour? Who could share with you something unforgettable that would stay with you always? Who could influence your life just from one conversation?

I can’t help wondering though… surely Lindsay Lohan could afford to buy a fur coat and what is it with Madonna and Guy? Have you heard about the Christian Bale meltdown? Who is that with Britney? Darn it! I’ve just spilled coffee on my new copy of Entertainment Weekly…

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Willow said...

Jill Kinmont Boothe -- favorite for the 1956 Olympics for slalom skiing; paralyzed in a 1955 ski accident; 2 movies about her life a couple of books; has had an unbelievable life as a schoolteacher, though retired recently. She suffered losses that make mine pale in comparison and yet she achieved things that I can't begin to imagine. I'd love to know how she did it.

Ken said...

Choosing just one individual is a true challenge. My thoughts would have to lean toward some of the greatest literary minds of the past few centuries. American humourist Mark Twain would top that list, as would Ambrose Bierce and Edgar Allen Poe (though the latter might depress and frustrate me). Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be close behind. Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams, and Truman Capote as well.

Each in their own way has made a profound impact on my life.

Sindharta Tanuwijaya said...

Zhuge Liang, a Chancellor of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of China.
But I am afraid I have to learn Chinese before that :)

Alicia said...

This is really hard for me just choosing one person and we can't make sure their interview is honest...

-=May=- said...

most probably I'd talk to Bill Gates... I want to know his secrets to success and what it feels like to be as rich as him... hahaha... I'd love to ask him about his innovations and all.. I totally admire him :)

the fat girl said...

wow - you know, this was a question on a college application and i believe my answer was former surgeon general joceyln elders

Kara said...

It would have to be Bill W for me...one of the founders of AA. I find it incredible that two men got together and talked for so long and from that talk AA grew. It's saved my life and many other and it continues to grow strong. Just chatting with him would be an honor.

Don said...

I would choose someone that I just learned about recently. He was known as "Uncle Wiggly Wings" to the children of Berlin just after WWII. National Public Radio in the US ran the story at http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=91906449. His name is Colonel Gail Halvorsen. It is an amazing story and I'd love to hear it straight from his mouth.

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