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UFOs And Flying Saucers-What Do You Think?

UFO EXPERT WANTS TO CONNECT ROBBIE WILLIAMS TO BRAINWAVE MACHINE. Robbie Williams has spent two weeks at Trout Lake UFO camp, UFO expert Michael C. Luckman says Robbie wrote several new songs about aliens during his stay. Luckman has revealed that the singer plans to return to the camp very soon and has invited him to be connected to a special brainwave machine that will help train him for alien contact.” NOW PUBLIC WEBSITE posted by Vinny | October 1, 2008 at 01:44 pm

I have an open mind, I do and if someone is to start a conversation about, say angels or ghosts I’ll be in there with my psyche wide open. I love discussing stuff like that, the occult, the paranormal, you get the idea, I find it all fascinating.

When it comes to the subject of aliens and UFOS my ideas are a little more closed. I find it difficult to get my head around the fact that there are people out there who have witnessed or worse have been abducted by little green men with oversized eyes who jumped out of a flying saucer.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not poking fun at the “believers” as I never dismiss anything and the subject of unidentified flying objects and the like does interest me, I just have a hard time believing a lot of what I read and hear. The thought does occur to me though, that if I was to have had a genuine UFO encounter and I wanted to tell others about it, I would be very upset if I was met with disbelief or ridicule.

The most famous UFO/Alien encounter story is the one from Roswell, New Mexico, USA, on July 7, 1947. Since the eighties this incident has become subject to many rumours and speculations. UFO advocates claim that fragments recovered from the area are those of an alien craft; the US Military states that what was found is the debris of an experimental surveillance balloon connected with a classified program called “Mogul”. UFO enthusiasts not only maintain there is suspicion of a cover-up, they also claim that bodies were also recovered by the Military.

This is the notorious video titled “Roswell Alien Autopsy” on YouTube.

Many have seen this and many have labelled it a fake, but there are also numerous individuals who swear they believe it to be a true alien form lying on the autopsy table.

First Lt. Jack Trowbridge spoke, for what is presumed to be, the first time in regards to his experience with the Roswell incident. He tells the story of the night of the crash on Roswell Confessions.

Lt. Trowbridge was assigned to Roswell in April 1947 and was further assigned to Intelligence along with his commanding officer and Head of Intelligence Major Jesse Marcel. The night in question began with most of the members of the Intelligence Department gathering at Major Marcel’s home for a game of bridge. All were present except for Major Marcel who was out on his pick up gathering debris from a wreckage.

Upon the Major’s return, the bridge game was abandoned to inspect what Marcel brought back. It was a fragment of something aluminium in appearance that retained its shape after being squeezed much like a candy wrapper along with aircraft skins and girders with pictures of hieroglyphics. The next day the evidence was brought into the office and the staff was immediately told to keep quiet. According to Lt Trowbridge, Major Marcel was instructed to lie to the press and demonstrated in a press conference a weather balloon claiming this is what was found. The reason for the omission of the truth came about so “the public would not panic”. Lt Trowbridge said’ “I don’t think that would have happened, but the word came down from above and you do as you are told.”

Carlene Green daughter of Sgt Homer Rowlett also states that her father who had been assigned as part of the clean up crew in 1947 gave her a death bed confession in 1988.He told her that she should believe in a cover up and he had been instructed not to talk about it to anyone. She is backed up by her brother Larry Rowlett who also claims his father revealed to him in the late 80s the existence of graves and the threat from the Government should anyone speak of the incident and lives and family member’s lives would be endangered should the secret be revealed.

There are those who will attest that the so called cover up was in fact an alien spaceship which crashed in the high desert region of South Eastern New Mexico during a thunder and lightning storm near the small town of Corona.

Tom Carey and Don Schmitt are the authors of the book “Witness to Roswell.” On Roswell Investigator, they wrote, “A local sheep rancher found its strange debris – and something else – while riding his ranch the following day. On the advice of friends and neighbours who had urged him to seek a monetary reward, he drove seventy-five miles to the town of Roswell to show pieces of the debris to civilian and military authorities, as well as local media there. The Roswell Daily Record, in a front-page, headline article a few days later, stated that a “flying saucer” had been “captured” by the Army Air Force near Roswell – not Corona – and, as a result, we have referred to a “Roswell Incident”, instead of a “Corona Incident”, ever since”.

Skeptics have argued that the crash fragments were indeed that of a weather balloon. William "Mac" Brazel, foreman of the Foster Ranch found the evidence and because of its unusual appearance decided to report the find. “Skeptics” note that over the years several tests have been conduced in the area including weather balloons, nuclear explosions, detection balloon tests, airplane crashes and dumping of featureless dummies from airplanes and the discovery may have been made up of remnants of such tests.

There are differing opinions and both make sense. It is plausible to think that there may be other life forms in the Universe, in fact I believe it would be very arrogant of us to dismiss that perhaps other species not only exist, but that they may be a lot more intelligent and advanced than us.

There are numerous accounts of abductions and sightings such as the story of Betty and Barney Hill who on September 19, 1961 experienced what is probably the most renowned alien abduction story in the US. It became public knowledge in 1966 through a movie and a book.

Betty and Barney were driving South on the Highway just after 10 p.m. when they noticed a star which appeared to be following them. As it tagged behind them, it seemed to be getting brighter as it went along. Barney stopped the car and took a closer look. He decided it resembled a type of military aircraft. He made a comment, “How interesting, there is the military pilot, and he is looking at me!” He noticed other people staring at him through the windows. At this point Barney and Betty became quite frightened for their lives. They continued to drive at a much faster pace in order to get away from the strange craft. They heard a beeping sound coming from the trunk of the car and as they continued on their way they both started to feel lethargic.

They heard the beeping sound a second time and that is when the doziness stopped and they both felt wide awake again and to their surprise they learnt upon checking the time that it was 2 hours later!

The following day Betty discovered “a dozen or more shiny circles scattered on the surface of the trunk, each perfectly circular and about the size of a silver dollar” as she took her sister’s advice and checked the vehicle for radiation with a compass. There was no movement from the compass until placed on one of the shiny circles; it then began to spin violently and at this point the Hills decided to file a report with Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth.

It was eventually revealed that according to report no 100 – 1 – 61 of the SAC 100TH Bomb Wing, Pease radar had the reading “unknown” at the precise time the Hills had their encounter.

A few months later the Hills began to feel repercussions from the event such as nightmares and high blood pressure and fatigue. Barney developed a strange circle of warts around his groin area. Husband and wife underwent a series of medical exams and were referred to Dr Benjamin Simon for hypnosis therapy which lasted around 6 months.

Under hypnosis Betty and Barney recalled sitting in their car which was surrounded by “humanoid looking men” wearing black uniforms. Betty described a long needle inserted in her stomach and Barney had a circular gadget painfully attached to his groin. They were apparently given a tour of the ship and finally, before being released they were told they would have no recollection of the events.

I guess seeing is believing. What do you think? Keep an open mind as it may well be that the “Truth is out there”.
Do you “believe?”

More about Roswell:

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Anonymous said...

What do you think? With all stated about UFOs and flying saucers over decades of wasted time and research. There isn't much to say or think about this subject. We can suggest clearly how far the human minds can conjure workings of great imaginations and misleading wonders.
Behold!-it is really the nonsense of intelligent people and their followers. It must be sad with these hard economic times that ufo enthusiasts won't have quite enought funds to buy their space cadet uniforms. They won't be ready to travel when ET visit them.

Psychic said...

I haven't seen these videos in YouTube until now though I'm a YouTube video addict. Pretty interesting and cunningly captured really.

Eva Caroline said...

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Jane Doe said...

As far as aliens go, I think it is incredibly arrogant to think that in this entire Universe we are the only form of intelligent life out there.

As to whether 'little green men' have landed here or abducted people to perform experiments on them, that may or may not be true, however, it seems to me that this Universe is too vast, too enormous and too little of it has been explored to come to the conclusion that we are the only intelligent life out there.

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